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Title: Look Who’s Coming To Dinner! The Rise Of Interacial Marriage.
Post by: George on July 09, 2011, 10:49:42 PM
Quoting from the article...

A recently released infographic by Good Magazine illustrates the growing acceptance of interracial marriage in America.

According to the data, one in seven marriages in the U.S. are interethnic or interracial.

Asians and Hispanics, two of the fastest growing immigrants communities, appear to be the most common groups to marry outside of their race. Among African Americans, men are more than twice as likely to marry outside their race than their female counterparts.

Sixty three percent of all Americans say that they are fine with a family member marrying outside their race. And among the American youth, Millennials across races support Interracial marriage. According to the data, 92 percent of young whites approve of interracial marriage, compared to 93 percent of Asian and 91 percent of Hispanic millennials. Black millennial had the lowest percentage with 88 percent saying they approve of interracial marriage.

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http://newsone.com/nation/jothomas/look-whos-coming-to-dinner-the-rise-of-interacial-marriage/ (http://newsone.com/nation/jothomas/look-whos-coming-to-dinner-the-rise-of-interacial-marriage/)