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Title: Limbaugh: Obama 'Clueless or Saboteur'
Post by: George on July 26, 2011, 10:18:32 PM
Why is Pres. Obama playing politics with our country's future?  This Debt Crisis and his reckless spending is going to bankrupt our country!  He doesn't seem to care.  All he wants to do is blame somebody else (like the Republicans) and not take any responsibility for spending way too much money and not getting any results for his efforts.  OK, well my opinion doesn't matter very much, but read about the facts from an expert who has analysed politics for decades.

Quoting from the article:

President Barack Obama is either “clueless or a saboteur” in advancing policies that are ruining the country, talk-show host Rush Limbaugh says, according to the Fox Nation blog at Fox News.

“It distresses me to see what has happened to this country and to know it need not have happened, to know that has happened because of policies implemented by someone who — I don’t care — is either clueless or is himself a saboteur,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Monday.

Regardless of which he might be, Limbaugh said, the nation is crumbling on Obama's watch.

Read it all and see the video for yourself at:

http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/Obama-Limbaugh-clueless-saboteur/2011/07/26/id/404894?s=al&promo_code=CB19-1 (http://www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/Obama-Limbaugh-clueless-saboteur/2011/07/26/id/404894?s=al&promo_code=CB19-1)