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The hidden lie that keeps some sistas away from white men....


Sara writes: "How do you think the world will react when black female-white male marriages explode- and why the sudden increase now? As you may know. White male/black female marriages have increased 171%!!!"

I revisited this web page 1-23-09 and I rediscovered all of the photos of BW/WM and the huge list of all of the comments from readers.  It goes on and on and on.  They discuss the myth of BM being "bigger" down there than WM and how it's "pink."  Very interesting reading if you have the time.

Mrs. SK:
I would like to know who 1st started the whole thing about black men being larger than white men. Maybe there are some black men larger but I can promise there are also some white men that are larger than black men. Too bad I don't like sharing my info because if I did I would show you all a pic and you all would say Sharon I know that is not your 52 year old husband. I promise the pic would make y'all look twice. I do mean that in a very good way because my husband could put some black guys younger than him to shame lol! ;)


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