Author Topic: Actress Diane Farr On Today’s Interracial Relationships  (Read 4630 times)

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Actress Diane Farr On Today’s Interracial Relationships
« on: June 18, 2011, 09:47:50 PM »
Quoting from her story...

Diane Farr said through her new book she was trying to address that hidden conversation within homes where children may be taught the golden rule and to treat everyone the same, until the moment they hit puberty and start dating; and then they find the rules slightly change to say ‘but you can’t love one of them’ (meaning someone outside their race).

She hopes for a “post-racial America” where Americans are less racially minded – she just believes we’re not quite there yet.
“We have a little bit more progress to do in private,” Farr explains.

Diane Farr in the KCBS studio. (KCBS)
“I think the reasons are fair and it’s less about prejudice and more about the fear of the death of culture.”

Some interesting interracial relationships she features in her book include a Jewish woman and a man from Trinidad, where they had musicians on Caribbean drums playing a Hebrew song at their wedding; and a white evangelical Christian woman and Hindi man who had a traditional Indian wedding in Virginia complete with a traditional fire that they had to circle around – in 100 plus degree weather.

Wedding lovers will enjoy the many cultural weddings and customs described in the book.

Read the whole story at the link below...
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