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Zogby/Newsmax Poll: Most Don’t Trust Obama on Economy
« on: July 26, 2011, 10:27:26 PM »
Has your economic situation improved since Obama was elected?  I actually had HOPE that he could CHANGE things, but like most Democrats, once they get elected all they do is change their tune and just do whatever they can to get re-elected, no matter what it does to the rest of us!  Dang!  I have now lost all HOPE and my only HOPE for CHANGE is that Obama DOESN'T get re-elected.  That's our only HOPE... CHANGE to a GOP Administration and a GOP Senate. 

Quoting from the article...

More than half of all voters do not trust President Barack Obama to lead America back to economic prosperity, according to an exclusive Newsmax poll.

And the young who turned out in such great numbers for Obama in 2008 have even less confidence in him than those in any other age groups, shows the poll conducted by IBOPE Zogby. Only one in six of those under 24 say they trust Obama.

That could spell disaster for the president next year when he faces voters again, IBOPE Zogby chairman John Zogby told Newsmax. “I don’t see the younger group flipping and voting Republican,” he said. “But I can see them not voting in great numbers. The president cannot win reelection unless he can turn out the support of younger voters.

“They had very high expectations in 2008, but the economy has squeezed them and a significant number have found they aren’t able to get a real start.”

As Obama loses the youth vote, the signs are that those vying to be his Republican opponent at next year’s election see an opportunity to jump in.

Front-runner Mitt Romney led the way, launching an ad pointing out that Obama promised University of Maryland students a better future when he visited in 2009. It then goes on to show headlines such as “Graduates having difficulty finding jobs,” “Jobless college graduates struggle under ongoing recession,” “Many graduates delay job searches” and “Recent grads search for jobs to no avail.”

The poll comes at a time that Obama’s base appears to be crumbling beneath him. A separate Washington Post-ABC survey shows a huge drop in the number of minority voters and liberals who strongly support the president’s record on jobs and the economy.

The Newsmax poll asked a representative sample of 2,292 people whether they “trust President Obama to lead America back to economic prosperity.” It was conducted between July 22-July 25 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 percent.

On the basic question, 39.2 percent said they trust the president and 52.8 percent said they don’t. The rest were not sure.

Zogby said the figures were broadly in line with other polls that put the president’s percentage approval rating in the mid-40s, with an extra 5 or 6 percent being swayed by the word “trust.”

“I liken trust to virginity,” said Zogby. “Once you have lost it is very hard to get it back, so this is an additional front that the president has to fight on.

“He has to be deeply concerned that voters simply do not trust him on the economy. We’re getting into campaign mode at a time when the majority does not trust his leadership when it comes to moving the economy forward.

Read the whole story below:
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