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Hello Everyone,

I'm Mercedes Keyes - and my business, or business dream is to grow a successful publishing business. Not just any kind of publishing, but publishing that centers around the growing interracial culture that I believe, is simply nothing more than man returning to the way GOD created us to be in the first place. To choose for our mate, the one that attracted us for whatever reasons our needs led us that way.

Due to that idea - I feel that what is written about interracial relationships - should be something of substance, something of value, and certainly of quality to support the fact that thousands go that way, not necessarily for frivolous superficial reasons long heralded since slavery and before. Or, the Jungle fever concept. Amber Swann Publishing Inc. will write, publish and reach into the deeper reasons that various opposites attract - even if it's one as simply as, "You make me feel as though, my life has a purpose and for once, I have a direction - I know where I want to go." Such a line was spoken by a character from one of our published novels. If any wish to give it a test, taste, to see what I mean, you're welcome to check us out. The following links will lead you to all that I, and my husband, Lawrence James, has going.

Amber Swann Publishing Inc.
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The Beauty of Man and Woman
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Our online fully interracial drama series surrounding the life and times, of African-American, Sylvia Lucinda Martin - McPherson and her husband, Caucasian, Shawn Evrett McPherson. Too many have complained, that it's too addictive - and it consumes too much of their thinking and emotions, too engrossing and now, they can't let go, eagerly awaiting the next episodes. Currently, the drama, known as B.O.M.A.W - is up to Series 12, Episode 91, Chapter 273 - as we are now working to put them to paperback volumes - we've found, that we'll end up with 5 to 6 volumes at 350+ pages each.


Ebone Swann Mississippi Graphics
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Here is where I'm building a place for doing my book cover designs, illustrative art, building custom IR web designs, and custom IR images for blogs, signatures and stationary. This site is still in the building stages, so there's still much to do there.


JK Readers Circle
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Our meeting place and forum for IR reading discussions. If you want to find a good IR read, or an IR simple read, it will be referred there. As well discussions on Bomaw - The Beauty of Man and Woman.

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Re: Amber Swann Publishing Inc. - Slow growing IR publishing... "Quality IR"
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Hi Mercedes,

     Welcome to!  We're glad you're here and we hope to read more from you soon.  Please post more messages so it looks like I'm not the only one that knows how to do it.  LOL!

     Your business introduction is exactly what this message category is for... to tell us about your business, and yours is well done.  It's well written and it's the first business on our new message board.  Perhaps other business men and women will follow your fine example.   

     I agree with your "growing interracial culture" comment and I have seen that growing and coming up as well.  That's why we started this message board 2 weeks after Mr. Obama was elected.  We wanted to promote interracial harmony on the web and a free message board seemed like a good place to start. 

     Thanks for your participation in our growing community!  Please tell your friends about us!
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