Author Topic: Panicky Democrats Seeking Primary Challenger to Obama  (Read 5142 times)

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Panicky Democrats Seeking Primary Challenger to Obama
« on: September 17, 2011, 04:24:20 PM »
WOW, Even Obama's Democrat Party wants to get rid of him and his policies that are killing our economy. 

Quoting from the story...

The move to challenge President Barack Obama in a Democratic primary is growing stronger by the day with House members openly pushing the case for an internal party battle.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who ran for the Democratic nomination in both 2004 and 2008 told CNN a challenge to Obama would “make him a better president.”

And Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio told The Hill that more and more Democrats believe that Obama needs to be challenged. “It’s a common refrain, and it’s certainly common in my district among Democrats,” he said. “They want the guy back that they voted for.”

DeFazio said there are many Democrats in the House who agree with him, but would not name names.

Even former Clinton adviser and Democratic strategist James Carville today called for the president to 'wake up' and 'panic.' Carville called on Obama to clean house, fire staff that's advising him and return to Democractic principles that got him elected.

"This is what I would say to President Barack Obama: The time has come to demand a plan of action that requires a complete change from the direction you are headed," Carville wrote in a CNN column.

His advice: "Fire somebody. No — fire a lot of people."

And already activist Ralph Nader has started to organize a slate of Democrats who could challenge the president — although he believes Obama will win reelection. His contention is that such a challenge would  “dramatically expand a robust discussion within the Democratic Party and among progressive voters across the country.”

Nader and others to the left of the party don't think that Obama has done enough on the environment, labor and health care.

If challengers debate him in Iowa and New Hampshire, Nader said earlier this year,  “it is harder for him to say no,” Nader said. “His strategists can say, ‘Don’t fight it, Barack; use it, revel in it; you’re good on your feet.”

Kucinich and DeFazio, meanwhile, reflected the view of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who said during the debt ceiling negotiations in July “It would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.

“There are millions of Americans who are deeply disappointed in the president, who believe that with regard to Social Security and other things, he said one thing as a candidate and is doing something very much else as a president — who cannot believe how weak he has been for whatever reason in negotiating with Republicans,” Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats, said.

“It would do this country a good deal of service if people started thinking about candidates out there to begin contrasting a progressive agenda as opposed to what Obama believes he’s doing.”

The biggest problem for the Democrats is finding someone to challenge the President. Kucinich, who faces an uphill battle to keep a seat due to redistricting in Ohio, made it clear he was not willing to run for a third time.

Others are wary at the thought of being seen as the person who brought down the first African American president and fear a backlash from black voters who overwhelmingly still support Obama.

Read the rest of the story below...
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