Author Topic: Dick Armey: Obama’s ‘Lost’ Policies Could Foment Civil Unrest!  (Read 11412 times)

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Here are some key quotes from the article below.  Read the whole story and see the video at the link below.

FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey warns that President Barack Obama’s policies are so misguided that they could trigger civil unrest if continued for a second term.

In an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview to discuss FreedomWorks’ new super PAC, Armey cited high unemployment, the sharp spike in the number of Americans living in poverty, and dysfunctional tax policies as legacies of an administration he described as “hopelessly lost.”

Asked whether he is concerned the president’s stewardship over the nation could foment the sort of civil unrest seen elsewhere in the world, the former House majority leader replied: “I think it could. First of all, we have to accept President Obama is just a hopelessly lost, romantic egalitarian.

“If you read his own books . . . his whole accounting of how he went to Harvard and looked up all the Marxist professors. I guarantee you, if you got all your knowledge from Marxist professors, you got everything wrong.”

Armey’s broadside reflects a political milieu that has grown increasingly toxic since Obama alleged on Monday that House Speaker John Boehner harbors a “my-way-or-the-highway” attitude on taxes.

“This is not class warfare,” Obama said of his proposal to increase taxes on wealthier Americans despite the economic downturn. “It’s math.”

Armey said he has never seen a U.S. leader “so wholly misguided about the nature and character of the way the world works and the history of America in the history of the world, as this president: He just doesn’t know who we are.”

The rise of its “Kosher Tea” organization, which contributed to Republican Bob Turner’s remarkable victory in New York Congressional District 9, is persuading Jewish voters to reconsider their traditional allegiance to the Democratic Party.

“The Jewish community was given sort of a shock into an awakening by President Obama,” Armey said, “in what they felt was a betrayal by him. This gives us a chance to have them re-engage in a whole spectrum of political issues.”

Armey said the first thing he’d like to see the next president do is to propose a flat tax. “Washington’s full of slow learners,” he said. “They need more tax revenue, [but] you don’t get that from higher taxes. Simplify the [tax] base, make it a truly fair tax, where everybody is treated the same as everybody else, and that unleashes” investment.

In my humble opinion, a simple flat tax to fund the Federal Government is exactly what we need.  It would simplify the IRS tax code from thousands of pages in books to a flippin' pamphlet that everyone could understand.  It would eliminate the need for tax lawyers, accountants and all of the IRS people and that would save everyone money as well.  It would treat everyone the same and make it impossible for rich people and corporations to wiggle out of paying taxes by exploiting loopholes. 

Read it all for yourself and see the video at the following link.
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