Author Topic: I was up north and now I'm south  (Read 5872 times)

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I was up north and now I'm south
« on: November 19, 2008, 07:53:58 PM »
OK - I was raised in Ohio... about as north as I could get on the "north coast" of the USA, the Great Lakes.  I lived in the capital city of Columbus for most of my life and I saw plenty of mixed couples.  When I was 18 I dated a black girl and another one when I was 22.  Sadly, I did the politically correct thing and I married a white girl.  However, I was always feeling like I was missing something and "my dream girl" would always be in my thoughts and dreams.  I didn't know if my dream girl was black or white and I didn't care. 

As it turns out, I got a divorce and I moved to Florida to be with my dream girl in 2005.  We got married this year, and now I'm very happy! 
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Re: I was up north and now I'm south
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