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    • Digital images printed to color slides. is my business
« on: December 03, 2008, 11:59:33 PM »
My business website is  We take your digital camera pictures and we print them onto color slide film or negative film with a device called a film recorder. 

Our main clients are artists and student artists who need 35mm color slides of their art work.  They use the slides to enter juried shows or art schools.  Business professionals also have their PowerPoint shows printed to color slides because the slide projectors are very sharp compared to blurry video projectors. 

We can also scan your existing transparencies and negatives... i.e.:  35mm color slides, 2 1/4 square film and 4x5 film.

Please visit our website and spread the word to your friends!
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Convert your favorite digital images to easy to store 35mm color slides! Preserve them on slides before your hard drive fails.  Our slides last for decades and serious artists use our slides for juried shows, college applications and craft shows.

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Re: is my business
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yes it is great..
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