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Keepin' It Tight (compared to Obsession)
« on: October 11, 2009, 02:11:35 AM »
Relationships already have enough issues without an obsessed woman stalking your husband. Throw another woman in the mix with something to prove and you have a page turning novel...


THE DILEMMA:  Having worked his way to the title of vice president of a Fortune 500 company, Cornelius Johnston is prepared to take very good care of his new wife and son. He and Lela share a picture perfect relationship; however, in every great relationship there is a thorn-in-the-side, and their thorn is Amanda Broady. Keepin' It Tight proves that when you invite the devil in a skirt into your home there will be no peace until their true intent is revealed. Will it be too late? When Amanda starts spinning her tangled web of deception, Neil and Lela's marriage will reach a point of no return. It will take a miracle to pick up the pieces - a miracle only Grandma Jana could pull off.

Cornelius Johnston has it all, the job, car, and fancy house, but after coming home to find his girlfriend in a compromising position he's left with no one to share it with. Lela James has had every type of bad relationship, the scrub, the abusive type, and the cheating fiance that she caught red handed.  When their worlds collide at the James' Family Reunion, Lela and Neil are forced to look at love differently, and Lela's Grandma "Jana" sees their future before they do. She advises granddaughter to follow her heart where love was concerned and to always "keep it tight baby." And their new love blossomed like the most beautiful flower until...

THE OTHER WOMAN: After coming home to find a "Dear John" letter, Amanda Broady was devastated and quickly spiraled downward into a sea of depression. When she comes to work beside Cornelius Johnston, her whole world lights back up. Instantly, her dreams are invaded by him and every waking moment consumed with thoughts of being by his side as his wife. She doesn't care that her family would freak out if she brought a black man home because she has fallen headfirst in love with Cornelius.  For his love, she will do anything...thus the dilemma.

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