Author Topic: OK, somebody has to go first!  (Read 16014 times)

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OK, somebody has to go first!
« on: December 19, 2008, 11:06:48 AM »
Go ahead and post it!  Somebody has to go first!  

Just imagine... you go first and everybody will see your free personal ad!  The odds of you being found on here is extremely high because you don't have any competition!  Your little ad will be seen by all of the members and even guests, so go ahead and post it!
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Staci in OREGON
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2009, 01:04:43 PM »
I am an intelligent, self-sufficient, well-mannered, African American Female. I’m soft-spoken in social settings, but not shy. I thrive on intellectually stimulating conversations and tend to have a confident personality.  I am 5’ 1” with an average body type (I have curves in all the right places, but am not a BBW).  I am a non-smoker (so please, you be one also), and a light social drinker. 
Some of the things I enjoy are: visiting and taste testing at local vineyards and wineries; spending quiet evenings with friends or significant others in deep, creative, animated and enlightening conversation; intimate candlelight dinners; long drives on historic scenic routes; walking on Oregon beaches (favorite places Newport & Lincoln City) in blustery winter weather.
I enjoy listening to Jazz, Gospel, Hip Hop, Blues, Bluegrass, Folk, Classical, Country, Easy Listening, Rap, R&B and 80's hits. I read lots of books on many different subjects and like learning about (and how to do) new things through reading. I have lots of hobbies (some popular, some obscure) that can keep me as busy as I want to be.
I am somewhat of a loner and enjoy spending vast amounts of time in QUIET solitude, but sometimes I "crave" INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATION. I have a serious personality, but also have a knack for seeing and appreciating the ironies (and other fun/funny events) life and our perceptions allow us to experience (in other words, I have a Dry Sense of Humor). I am always on a quest for knowledge and am often on a journey of learning, either more about something, or about something altogether new to me.
Let's discuss: The Path Of Tao: the intricate genetics of plant and animal life: the rotation and position of the different solar systems in the universe: the theory of everything: history from the eyes of conquerors and from the eyes of the conquered: human intuition: ancient spiritual wisdom religions: things we can do today to make tomorrow better for us and for others we come into contact with: ecology and the interrelatedness of all things. I am not an expert in any of the above topics, nor do I have special in-depth/inside knowledge or formal education/training that would sanction my views as officially valid; I am merely fascinated with the how and why of such things as these and oh... so much more.
I am looking for a long-term relationship (NO one-night stands) with the eventual goal of marriage, and I'm looking for someone who shares the same goal.  While I am not saying I think I will marry the next person I date. I want to spend time with someone that is serious minded about being in a committed relationship that can possibly be taken to the next and ultimate level.  I am loyal to friends and in relationships. Honesty comes naturally to me and I despise deception in intimate friendships/relationships.

My ideal mate would be out-going, intelligent, confident (not arrogant), independent, friendly, witty, well-mannered, unmarried and have healthy self-esteem. Communication & negotiation skills are must have requirements. He would need to be able to communicate his feelings and desires freely and with ease. Interesting and desired, are men who can intelligently converse on many different worldly topics (not just sports).
He must be: honest, dependable and have an optimistic outlook on life. I like being around a man who can laugh a lot, and who is VERY open-minded. He must also be flexible and fluidic in temperament, and not holding onto past hurts and life's inevitable small and sometimes big disappointments. The present is the only moment we truly have, it is not to be wasted with regret/guilt/anger for the past and filled with worry about the future. "LIVE" each hour of the day as though it were a special gift... it is!

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Re: OK, somebody has to go first! and third!
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2010, 11:04:34 PM »

this is a work in progress

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