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Author Topic: Obama Snubs Boy Scouts' 100th Anniversary in Favor of 'The View'  (Read 1623 times)

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President Obama has broke with the Presidential Tradition of addressing the future leaders of America, The Boy Scouts.  Their National Jamboree happens every 4 years.  Instead his handlers had him appear on the fluffy View TV Show, with their softball questions.  In my opinion, Pres. Obama missed out on an opportunity to address and influence 45,000 young men who are leaders now and in the future. 

Here's a quote from the article:

Since the Jamboree was launched in 1937, sitting presidents have been invited to speak at the event in their role as the honorary chairman of the BSA. That year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke at the inaugural Jamboree, held on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

Obama’s three predecessors spoke at the event – George H. W. Bush in 1989 and Bill Clinton in 1998 in-person, and George W. Bush who spoke via video in 2001 when bad weather prevented him from traveling. George W. Bush did speak in-person at the 2005 Jamboree.

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