Author Topic: Trump on NY Upset: Obama 'Just Doesn't Get It'  (Read 11656 times)

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Trump on NY Upset: Obama 'Just Doesn't Get It'
« on: September 15, 2011, 01:58:04 PM »
Quoting from the story...

Following is a statement that New York businessman Donald Trump released exclusively to Newsmax today regarding Republican Bob Turner’s stunning victory in the special election in the 9th Congressional District Tuesday.

“I must admit that I have done a lot of promotion throughout my career, but my foray into robo-calling this past week on behalf of Bob Turner in the congressional district where I grew up was a unique first experience which I am happy to see helped produce a historic result.

“I was honored when candidate Bob Turner came to meet with me to discuss his campaign this past month. During our meeting in Trump Tower, Bob discussed his pro-growth platform of low taxes, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and his plan to promote small businesses both within his district and nationwide during his term in Congress.

“I was impressed that Bob got 40 percent against an entrenched Anthony Weiner a year ago based on hard work and a clear pro-job growth message. Bob Turner is the kind of guy we need in Congress if we are going to make America great again.

“This time Turner, a successful private businessman, was running against a career politician who could never make it in the private sector and has no idea how jobs are created. I was also pleased that Bob’s message on protecting our national security put a strong emphasis on our relationship with Israel in a predominantly Democratic district that gave Barack Obama 55 percent of the vote in 2008.

“From the time of our meeting, Bob piqued my interest not only in his campaign but the larger message that this race could send to Barack Obama. As I stated in my robo-call, which was primarily played to Democratic households because campaign polls showed I had very high favorable ratings with these folks, “If you don’t like what’s going on in Washington, if you don’t like what’s happening with Israel, because Israel is being treated very badly and very unfairly by the Obama administration, vote for Bob Turner. Trust me, they’ll notice. Electing Bob Turner on Tuesday will be a shot heard ‘round the country.”

“I am quite familiar with this district, having grown up in Jamaica Estates, Queens. The seat Turner now takes was once held by Geraldine Ferraro and Chuck Schumer and was only open because disgraced Anthony Weiner was forced to resign this past June amid scandals. My father Fred Trump, a great businessman, was one of the few Republicans in our neighborhood when I was growing up., Bob Turner is in fact he first Republican to hold this seat since 1923. An astonishing feat!

“So why did this happen? The voters in NY-9 were faced with two very different options yesterday. One was a liberal Democrat who championed all of Obama’s policies, which have failed this country and precipitated our economic problems. Further, not only did the Democrat have absolutely no private sector experience like Obama, but he also had the exact mindset of Obama – any and every problem can be solved by another government program, more spending and tax increases.

“On the other hand, Turner understands how to promote growth, entrepreneurship and free enterprise, and that a robust, growing economy is the way to fund and strengthen our obligations to seniors in Social Security and Medicare. Further, Turner rejected the Middle Eastern appeasement policies of Barack Obama, which have proven to be constant pressure on Israel, ineffective diplomatic overtures to Iran, and public support of the Ground Zero Mosque.

“It goes without saying that Obama will not get the message. In fact he will continue to double down on his anti-prosperity policies. Only this past Monday did he release yet another plan under the guise of a ‘Jobs Bill’ which promises to raise taxes on those who actually hire workers and have capital. He just doesn’t get it.

“His first trillion dollar stimulus bill was a complete failure by his own measure, as the unemployment rate is now 9.1 percent with real unemployment at over 19 percent. This new bill also promises immediate construction jobs again, just like his first stimulus. Yet as Obama already has told us, “shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected.” Unfortunately for America, Obama is all out of any real solutions that can in fact promote economic growth because all he knows is government and reckless deficit spending.

“Obama also will continue to pressure Israel unfairly, all the while claiming that he is a true friend of Israel. From the outset of his term, Obama has exerted undue public pressure on Israel to continue making concessions to the Palestinians. He has also increased aid and military cooperation with the Palestinians despite the Palestinian Authority unifying with the terrorist organization Hamas. Obama even somehow tied his administration’s attempts to stop the Iranian nuclear program to progress on the ‘Palestinian question.’

“Further, Obama used the great occasion of killing bin Laden to demand that Israel go back to the indefensible 1967 borders. All this has accomplished are continued demands by the Palestinians and now the rest of world against Israel, culminating in next week’s U.N. Resolution unilaterally declaring Palestine a sovereign state without any denunciation of terrorism or recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

“While the Obama administration claims to be fighting the Resolution, he has yet to put any public demands on either the Palestinians or the U.N., an institution that America funds with over 22 percent of its budget. Obama has proven during his term that without America’s steadfast and public support, Israel will be placed in a corner by the rest of the world.
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Trump on NY Upset Obama Just Doesnt Get It
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2019, 10:38:55 PM »
From a foreign viewpoint- Trump is only marginally worse than what Bush was- they both dragged the USA down into the mud. Obama had his faults, but IMHO was far superior than either- and many of those faults could actually be laid at the feet of the Republicans stonewalling him at every opportunity.

I just hope he doesnt get another major conflict started because our libs are only too willing to jump in with him- just like last time