Author Topic: The 10 Best Caddie Come Back Lines to Golfers  (Read 1387 times)

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The 10 Best Caddie Come Back Lines to Golfers
« on: May 04, 2009, 08:02:05 PM »
#10. Golfer, "Think I'm going to drown myself in the lake."
        Caddy, "Think you can keep your head down that long?"

#9. Golfer, "I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course."
        Caddy, "Try heaven, you've already moved most of the earth."

#8. Golfer, "Do you think my game is improving?"
        Caddy, "Yes sir, you miss the ball much closer now."

#7. Golfer, "Do you think I can get there with a 5 iron?"
       Caddy, "Eventually."

#6. Golfer, "You've got to be the worst caddy in the world."
       Caddy, "I don't think so sir. That would be too much of a         coincidence."

#5. Golfer, "Please stop checking your watch all the time,
                       it's too much of a distraction."
       Caddy, "It's not a watch - it's a compass."

#4. Golfer, "How do you like my game?"
       Caddy, "Very good sir, but personally, I prefer golf."

#3. Golfer, "Do you think it's a sin to play on Sunday?"
       Caddy, "The way you play, sir, it's a sin on any day."

#2. Golfer, "This is the worst course I've ever played on."
       Caddy, "This isn't the golf course. We left that an hour ago."

And - the # 1 "Best Caddy Comment":

      Golfer, "That can't be my ball, it's too old,"
       Caddy, "It's been a long time since we teed off, sir."

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