Author Topic: WTF? Texas Mother's twins have 2 different Fathers!  (Read 1405 times)

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WTF? Texas Mother's twins have 2 different Fathers!
« on: May 20, 2009, 09:41:58 PM »
This is more unbelievable than funny........

A US mother had some explaining to do after DNA tests revealed her twin boys have different fathers.

Mia Washington, from Texas, and her partner James Harrison sought medical advice when they realised their 11-month-old twins Justin and Jordan had different facial features.

Doctors in the DNA lab in Dallas said the paternity test revealed a 99.99 percent chance the twins had different fathers.

"I'm very shocked," Ms Washington said.

"Out of all people in America and of all people in the world, it had to happen to me," she was quoted as saying by Fox News.

Two eggs had been fertilised by two different sperm in a rare occurrence called heteropaternal superfecundation.

There are only a handful of known cases in the world.

The medical marvel can happen when a woman releases multiple eggs during ovulation and has more than one sexual partner within the same time period.

Ms Washington later admitted she had an affair that resulted in two babies, born at the same time, fathered by two different men.

The infidelity would have occurred within two days.

"Most people don't believe it can happen, but it can," Clear Diagnostics president Genny Thibodeaux said.

"I'm trying to let everybody else know," Ms Washington was quoted as saying.

"Don't put yourself in my shoes, because it can hurt and it does hurt, but you still have to go on with life," she said.

Ms Washington said she will tell the boys the whole story when they are old enough to understand.

But she has no plans to tell the other father, who remains unnamed.

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