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Funny Golf Joke
« on: May 25, 2009, 04:15:43 PM »
A husband and wife were out golfing together one day when they
came upon a tough par 4 hole. The husband hooked his drive deep
into the woods and proclaimed that he would have to chip out.

Then the wife said, "Maybe not, dear! Do you see that barn over
there? If I open the doors on both sides, I do believe you could
hit it right through and reach the green."

So the husband agrees to give it a try, but when he hits the ball
it goes straight through the first doors of the barn, hits the
crossbeam, ricochets back and hits his wife square in the head,
killing her stone dead.

Well, about a year goes by and the man is golfing with a friend.
He finds himself on the same hole, with the same results: a hook
deep in the woods. He is all set to chip out when his friend runs
up to him and says, "Wait! Do you see that barn over there? If I
open the doors on both sides, I think you can still reach the

"No way," replies the man, "I tried that last year and got a 7"

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