what's living in the bay area of california got against (interracial) relatnshps

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Author Topic: what's living in the bay area of california got against (interracial) relatnshps  (Read 1968 times)

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what's living in the bay area got against people wanting relationships?
are you the one that you want? add below if so!!
* safe people who can prove it-by behavior and on paper (i indeed do!),
* emanual swedenborg followers
* purposed educators/anti-systemic,
* (incl:bob fitrakis of ohio,
* richard bremmer of california+) arrianna huffington,
* marlee evers,
* the brilliant and grounded-sane,
* the fab 5 in finance: suze orman,
* rob kyo..,
* clark howard,
* dave ramsey,
* lynda cesara (see seven circles) and all great parents-everywhere- incldg mine*
what's living in the bay area got against people wanting relationships ?

i say-quite a plenty..
hey-i'm "as non-genuinely a black woman-as they come" who as well-lives in the bay area (northern california-oakland/surrounding).
i'm quite emotionally literate/intelligent, visceral of senses/feelings, sane grounded-practice catharis, fear-busting and read/action out the books of these kinds of mindthinks..
my biggest problem (to this day-per all of my 20+ years having lived in the bay area is) not finding enough "in public" arenas by with which-to engage this mindthink amongst ourselves-if so the usual has room filled with more women than men (vs surely-the more equal-the better) what would you be willing to do to have the form of heart circles in the bay area-where people like myself-and in trust-yourself (like me more so vs not)-where for the form of them-we EIQ'ers,
fear-busters, catharsis types can "come and play with each other to sensate/grow up-ourselves a skilled and tooled to utmost safety"-becaused?
i would love to be a participant with the likes of an outfit called AMP (fellows-who conduct any interactive circle across the bay area of northern cali for the share of New Man aptitudes in community gather). the kind of thinking these guys have going on is more high in resonance that not only resolutes many a woe-with feeling isolated/"island
off" in feelings, etc, but as well-makes for some huge, life changing openings and friendships chanced wealthy like never before-in community vs just "pick up another book or woman" (as in wing-manning through the clubs-cruising for chicks..) without caring so much about self clarified identity 1st-to resolute problems. anyway looking forward to what will develop of the community.
especially telling of myself is that-i need to see the genuine heal in my own life that men do let women get close to them with acuity and efficacy of emotional wellness reveal and EIQ feltsense/feltsafe/'sane behaves in forum-for i don't get to experience the model of the aboves-at all, and am really starved for the demonstrate of these behaves-to not be left "phenominal", a guessing-that-it-will-be/work out to-be-real-someday-through imagination/left pipedream or fantasy.
chime in-if you know what i mean-and send your acknowledges/comments-all are appreciated-as well-let me know if this interests you-for i'm all about it going on
janne wallace