Author Topic: Reality of Race: Interracial Marriage - PART 1  (Read 1961 times)

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Reality of Race: Interracial Marriage - PART 1
« on: February 12, 2010, 12:10:25 AM »
"More than forty-years ago, interracial marriages were illegal in most states in the U.S.  Now almost anywhere you go these days, you will see mixed race couples.  An increasing number of people, specifically African American women are choosing to date and marry outside of their race.  According to a U.S. Census Bureau report in 2000, 95-thousand black women were married to white men. In 2005, that number increased to 134-thousand."

This story was disseminated today and it's from a South Carolina TV Station, WCBD in Charleston, SC by Octavia Mitchell.  She said that interracial marriage was illegal in South Carolina until 1998, 30 years after the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marches!  Can you believe that?  

Read the rest of the story at the link below:

Too bad their freakin' website is so slow to load.  I'm using the fastest browser available, Google Chrome and still you have to wait for too many ads to load before you can see the content.

Update:  Dang, it just took me 15 minutes to fill-out a simple form to register on their website in order to comment on that story.  I would type some simple stuff like my name and I would have to wait 15-20 seconds for their page to show what I typed.  That's ridiculous these days.  What the heck are they doing?  No one's website should be that slow to respond to typing or clicks or scrolling.  That's another thing, you click to scroll and nothing happens.  Dang it!
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